Alone again

A moody VR oil painting featuring a dusky ocean. The sky is an almost unsettling color of desaturated orange and yellow with whisps of clouds in the distance. A pale yellow moon hangs in the sky with a few stars dotted here and there. The ocean is a desaturated color of purple and blues, with bright shimmery yellow reflections from the moon. I'm alone again.

I’m alone again. From a stormy ocean full of desperate attempts to keep my head above the surface, the water is now calm. The gentle rise and fall of the waves soothe me. Up high in the sky is a moon, bright and a pale orange yellow, its bright reflections bouncing off the muted scenery.

There’s not a soul in sight. It’s just me. I’m alone again, but I’m no longer lonely.

This painting was made on the Quest 2 native app of Vermillion. It has a lower resolution as opposed to my regular setup, which is why this likely looks a bit different from my other paintings.

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