An Apology

Painting of a wooden table with light coming from the top. On the table is a yellow post-it note with the word "Sorry" and a smiley face written.

When I thought of what to paint for this prompt, I wasn’t quite sure. An apology is difficult to capture as a visual representation without further context.

This painting invokes a different reaction depending on the person. To some, it shows someone adding a nice little apology note to something we don’t see outside the frame. To others, it shows an insincere attempt to make amends. What feeling does it invoke in you?

In October 2022, I set out to paint a whole painting every day. It was an ambitious project that I didn’t get to follow through on due to illness, nevertheless I’m very proud of what I managed to create during this time!

Each day presented a different, randomly generated prompt. Day 5 was: An Apology

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