Galaxy Skies

Oil painting created in a Virtual Reality oil painting simulator. The canvas is painted in a beautiful gradient, from top to bottom: a dark purple, pinks, orange and yellows. On the bottom is a mountain range up front, pitch black, with a fainter dark purple mountain range further back in the distance. The painting depicts a sunset. The sky has lighter blotches of purple on the left, and stars are dotted all over, with larger ones twinkling here and there and smaller stars clustering here and there. In the middle of a painting is a shooting star, right above the sunset.

Possibly my favorite (and best) painting to date, I spent a significant amount of time on this painting.

The blending of the sky, the clouds, and the stark contrast of the dark mountains are exceptionally pleasing to the eyes. The true eyecatcher is the vast amount of glistening stars dotting the sky. Each single star was carefully dotted by hand (as a ‘splatter from the brush’ feature is currently unavailable in the app) and placed with color, size, and overall cluster density in mind.

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